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The Eversor
“Approaching the Human home world sir, invasion will commence once the weapons are charged and the troops are ready.” I stood on the bridge of the Starship Eversor, the planet Earth was in the view screen with plans for drop ships to descend upon it flashing before us all. Our plan was setting in motion, to take over the planet Earth, to capture and enslave the Human race. It’s odd that all of this happened from just an innocent scouting mission just some months ago my time.
I was one of many thousands of crew man aboard the Starship Exodus, a scouting vessel for the Western Federation on Earth back then I was simply Leto Calis, a simple engineer. I did everything a normal person does, well maybe a little above the rest. I was born in United States, one of many territories within the Western Federation. I went to college at some simple public school for electrical engineering and was picked to be one of the crewman on the engineering team on the Starship Exodus, I of
:iconkurai-fenikkusu:Kurai-Fenikkusu 0 0
Their system is gone
we have won the war
their system is gone
in their old planet we bore
We live in their planet
once living
now dead
we live in their planet
its old name we'll shed
It was once called Earth
the new name to be decided
this is their home planet
the Humans are now divided
The Humans are powerless
we will prevail
they where once one of us
their long lived freedom
their long forgotten rebellion
:iconkurai-fenikkusu:Kurai-Fenikkusu 1 0
In the rift we reside
the darkness we do strive to hide
but without wake and sleep forever
we will never stop the nether
the void is what contains us
the void we will never escape
the void is what trains us
the void makes us never wake
We are its minions
sworn to uphold
its hold on the whole world
we wanted to kill it
we tried so very hard
but now we are apart of it
They are all doomed
they have been for centuries
we are left blinded thinking the world is okay
thinking we are the only beings
but we're not
we are a small entity of evil
a strong powerful entity
trying to rule them all
but we do not know that
Our mission was freedom
our mission was escape
our mission was it's death
but now in it
we never wake
:iconkurai-fenikkusu:Kurai-Fenikkusu 0 0
The virus
In the night our world descends
in its place few do find
that world of which we left behind
the one we're born
the one we've torn
it now lays in pieces
We destroy every planet we travel to
the count, a galaxy strong
We are a virus
Destructive and lethal
wanting to destroy all worlds
:iconkurai-fenikkusu:Kurai-Fenikkusu 1 0
Non-smart writers meme by Kurai-Fenikkusu Non-smart writers meme :iconkurai-fenikkusu:Kurai-Fenikkusu 0 0
In the dark we're left alone
we're left to rot or turn to stone
we hide in fear of what might be lurking
we forget about our friends
We do not see the exit
we do not see the walls
we sit and hide and hope to die
we just want to go home
We do not see the simple fact
the fact that we are dead
that death is just a black abyss
waiting to swallow us whole.
:iconkurai-fenikkusu:Kurai-Fenikkusu 2 0
Most want money
Most want power
Most want everything they see
They say it won't corrupt them
They say they won't be greedy
But they always are in the end
A charity here a charity there
They think no one will notice what they've become
They are monsters ruling the world with no since but to make money
They never share with the random stranger they find begging for some change
They always give it to the charitys that can afford to get their name out
They do not care what our lives are like
They probably wish we where gone
It's all about money to them
All they care about is moving on
:iconkurai-fenikkusu:Kurai-Fenikkusu 0 0
The demons lurk inside our dreams
They hide in the cracks, they hid in the seams
They do not hate us or want us to go
They want to know more, we just don't think so
The demons are peaceful
They help is through life
They help us through all the pain and strife
They wish to be friends
They want to be loved
Yet we fear them
Maybe we're the bad ones
:iconkurai-fenikkusu:Kurai-Fenikkusu 1 4
A scar meme by Kurai-Fenikkusu A scar meme :iconkurai-fenikkusu:Kurai-Fenikkusu 0 0
End of the world
When the darkness descends the light does not rise
When the sun sets the sun will rise no more
The end of the world is in the wake
You will never again see day break
The swarm is coming we all shall die
We will soon be dead
The moon has gone
Our tides are still
The wolves have disappeared
We see no light, not day or night
We wish that we where dead
Our crops are wilting
The animals dead
We are soon to follow
:iconkurai-fenikkusu:Kurai-Fenikkusu 1 5
In the dark it lies in wait
it is your soul it longs to take
you can not escape
you can't run away
it will always be there to kill
You can not see what it is
you can not hear it coming
It hates us all
it wants us gone
it thinks we are a menace
it hates to see how numerous we are and wants it's peace once more
it was here first and hates our noise
it has been forced into the night
it is the last we killed off the rest before it was sent to the dark
yet it can not put a dent into our population
no one notices the death it makes because it does not kill
when it takes our souls from us it simply makes us crazy
it can not kill stuck in the dark and if it comes out it shall be killed
it chooses to stay trying to make us all crazy
hoping one day we'll just die
we do not realize how much we are hated to it and to others
we think we are good but yet we are evil
the world wold be better without us
:iconkurai-fenikkusu:Kurai-Fenikkusu 2 2
In the dark we do not see
what happens around us but we hear
we hear what happens but leave it to our mind playing tricks
but it's true there's many things there
it's the same for the they hear us all the time they have gone crazy because of us
they were here first but we intruded and because of us they have gone mad
they want us gone they can not stand us they are happy when we're dead they had few problems when we first started but now we are to numerous
we are the only ones they can not see
that's part of what drives them into insanity
they think we're demons
they think we're the spirits of the dead
some even think it's just in their head
but they don't know we are them
we're are the exact same in every way
we are just more numerous
we just will not go
we are the pests of their entire world
the ones in ours that have gone insane
are actually the ones that we can see
we think their just weird but they are us
they are one of the ones we can not see
they can not see us but sometimes we
:iconkurai-fenikkusu:Kurai-Fenikkusu 1 4
Fractal 3 by Kurai-Fenikkusu Fractal 3 :iconkurai-fenikkusu:Kurai-Fenikkusu 1 0 Fractal 2 by Kurai-Fenikkusu Fractal 2 :iconkurai-fenikkusu:Kurai-Fenikkusu 1 2 My first fractal by Kurai-Fenikkusu My first fractal :iconkurai-fenikkusu:Kurai-Fenikkusu 1 8
Sleep has come and I have fallen in a state of dreams
it feels like years but might only be seconds but centuries is what it seems
I dream of pain, I dream of nothing, I dream what might have been
I feel no pain, I feel nothing, I am engulfed in madness
I try to remember what once was but I have lost my place
the things around me seem so real but I know that they are fake
I want to leave I try so hard but I can not escape
this dream has gone on far to long
sadly I can not wake
:iconkurai-fenikkusu:Kurai-Fenikkusu 2 4
Please comment and tell me what you think and what I need to improve.


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Hey, I don't know if anyone who follows me still will actually pay attention or even uses DA, I just wanted to say hey, I don't really plan on staying on here but I'll check back for a few weeks and if anyone would like to chat I'm up for it, also if you see this, it'd be awesome if you'd check out the "short" story I just posted, "The Eversor" I'm taking any and all reviews, if you have an opinion on what I could have done differently then feel free and let me know!

Well that's about it, it'd be awesome to talk to some of you guys again, it's been a long time!


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